Our congregation’s constitution, continuing resolutions, and bylaws give the Church Council general responsibility for all aspects of the church’s programs, property, and life.

President & Vice President
The President serves as the presiding officer of the congregation, leading all meetings of the Church Council, the Annual Meeting of the congregation, and any other specially called meetings of the whole church. The Pastor serves as the ex officio vice president of the congregation.

As an officer of the church, records minutes of all Council meetings, our Annual Meeting, and any specially called meetings of the entire congregation.

The Treasurer maintains financial records for all revenues, accounts payable and accounts receivable and prepares monthly and annual financial reports for both Church Council meetings and the annual congregational meeting. The Treasurer, who is contact for all Synod and ELCA financial matters, is also responsible for meeting all monthly and annual reporting requirements for the federal, state and local governments. The Treasurer maintains the Church’s financial records in accordance with accepted accounting practices and standards. The Treasurer reconciles monthly revenues to the detailed revenue breakdown prepared by the Financial Secretary. 

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is responsible for maintaining a detailed, confidential summary of  offerings for income tax purposes, for tracking special offerings and designations and preparing summaries and statements required for Church Council meetings and committees, and for reconciliation of revenues with the Treasurer. The Financial Secretary arranges for the counting of the weekly offerings and bank deposits. Handles the responsibilities for producing annual receipt reports for income tax purposes and provides the Treasurer with monthly income details. 

Stewardship & Finance Committee
Promotes financial commitment to our church through its leadership of our annual stewardship campaign. Leads in developing, monitoring, and presenting our annual budget and in developing and handling ongoing financial transactions and financial reports and recordkeeping tasks for the church and its ministries.

Worship & Music Committee
Serves to support and develop the worship activities of our congregation. Also offers program opportunities outside of worship to nurture the spiritual growth of all ages and types of persons in the congregation. Provides direction to the adult and children’s music programs of the church. Provides opportunities for adult and youth’s involvement in worship duties and ministry activities within the church.

Social Activities Committee
Helps members and friends of the church develop a sense of belonging by providing meals and associated activities for fellowship, socializing and fun. This committee builds a sense of community by organizing activities that bring members together in a social setting. Activities vary yearly, but the activities planned bring unity to our congregational life, providing opportunities for members to get to know one another better.

Christian Education Committee
Provides programming in support of the Christian education and nurture of members of all ages in the
learning of scriptures and Lutheran teachings . Selects education materials for use in the Sunday School
and Vacation Bible programs conducted in the church. Provides group and individual opportunities for
faith exploration and Christian fellowship.

Property Committee
Maintains and further develops our church property, both our buildings and grounds, for the comfort, safety, and accessibility of everyone. Assures the property of the congregation is in compliance with Federal and State codes and safety requirements. Leads our annual fall and spring clean-up days. Conducts periodic property inventories.

Outreach & Service Committee

Reaches out in direct service and leadership in our community through the local soup kitchen, outreach auction, hat/coat giveaway, Habitat for Humanity, and other area service activities. Promotes broader outreach by leading our participation in service programs to our wider church and communities (e.g., CROP Walk and missionary support).  
Church Membership & Growth activity - Works to develop and implement ways that help our congregational members to get and stay involved with ongoing church activities and programs, and to invite, welcome, and integrate new people into the life of our church.
    The separate “Friendly Visitor Program” extends personal care to the members and friends of our church. These services apply especially in times of illness, grief, or other special need or crisis.

Youth Ministry Committee
Provides programming in support of our church’s youth, especially through learning and fun activities. Handles the “What’s Cookin’” kids’ program. Provides group activities to involve youth in faith exploration and service to our church and local community.

Mutual Ministry & Personnel Committees
Representatives of these committees provide the Council with perspective on the broader issues of congregational life apart from any connection to a particular committee or ministry team. Responsible for dealing with problem areas and assuring that church employees and their pay are evaluated on a periodic basis. Every reasonable effort is made to maintain strict confidentiality about any complaint or personnel discussion and/or actions that come before these committees.

Planning Committee

This broad-based ad-hoc committee, with member participation from standing council committees, concerns itself with the development of a long-term plan covering two main areas of study: 1) efficient use, maintenance, and potential expansion of our physical structure, and 2) implementation of a Christian Education program which provides continuity in education from Kindergarten to Confirmation classes. Ideas and recommendations are conveyed to Council as and when developed. All plans involving expenditures require approval by Council prior to initiation. Other planning areas beyond the 2 main areas cited will be added for study as the need arises.


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